Mr. Robinson and his team provide a full range of services in the representation of players and coaches including the negotiation of contracts, marketing, promotional appearances, endorsements and personal affairs. Our priority is 100% retention because that alone confirms satisfaction with the level of service and attention to detail we provide our clients.

Our team has the skill, desire, commitment, and most importantly, the resources to effectively manage the careers of our clientele. We provide a comprehensive package of services that will enable both players and coaches to focus on being the best at what they do as we handle important business/career matters off the field of play. This includes contract negotiation experience; data research and utilizing personal contacts to help our clients in become the highest compensated in their sport and respected position.

Mr. Robinson and his team take pride in the individual attention they afford each client. It’s our philosophy to service our clients on a personal level and provide individualized attention rather than having a full plate. We provide a full range of services that leave our clients stress free knowing that someone is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to deal with any and all of their needs including post career endeavors and aspirations.

We offer services that other agencies will not because they either do not have the time, resources or interest in going that extra mile. Whether it is contract negotiations, marketing, training or post-career opportunities we simply do not cut corners. It’s all or nothing for our players and coaches so I invite you to join our team and become a part of something special for your career and the rest of your life

Contract Negotiations:

Mr. Robinson and his team provide quality and creative contract negotiations for their clients that will maximize contract dollars regardless of draft position. We will negotiate incentives in your contract that are individualized to your unique skills at your position. As your agent you can rest assured that I am there to fight for you and utilize my years of contract negotiation knowledge to successfully structure your deal.
It is our goal to secure the most money from a franchise, while it is the their goal to pay you the least amount of compensation to sign. What differentiates our team from other agencies is the time and research we put into each individual contract looking to past trends of a team, draft slots, percentages and likely to be earned incentives before going to battle on your behalf. It is a team atmosphere heading into contract negotiation and both our clients and those most important to them will be fully involved in the negotiation, providing you the peace of mind and knowledge you and your loved ones deserve. I am not content until you are 100% satisfied and will guide and educate you throughout the process of securing your contract to guarantee that.

The difference between average and great agents is their individual desire to win and their ability to stand up and battle for their clients, even if they are the only one standing. I will fight to see you are properly compensated throughout your career. With the average professional career less than three years, your first contract might be the only contract ever negotiated. I will see to it that regardless of the length of your career you will look back knowing Calvin Robinson was the right choice for you. As an attorney well versed in the art of contract negotiation feel free to call me anytime with questions concerning my representation and qualifications at (850) CALL-CAL.


When signing with agent Calvin Robinson your career on the field comes first and foremost!! As you enter the league, the beginning of your career should be devoted to developing your craft and excelling at your sport!! Little diversion should come outside of your profession and that’s where we come in. Let my team of professionals focus our time and energy on your marketing, endorsements, website and development when it comes to outside streams of revenue and post-career opportunities.

With over 10 years of experience let me prepare your draft party, shoe deal, and marketing opportunities. After you have solidified yourself as the dominant athlete we know you are, we will continue to break down doors and capitalize on opportunities that open up with the status of a high profile professional athlete. While you continue to excel on the field, we will continue the day-to-day efforts of marketing you!!
As your agent my team’s overall objective is to capitalize on your notoriety and status as a professional athlete and use that to develop supplemental income and the greater good through guest appearances, charitable and community service opportunities. This not only benefits you and your celebrity but also gives back to the community and the fans that ultimately support you and your team year to year.

Shoe Deals: When entering your rookie season this is the most common of all marketing deals. Nike, Reebok, Adidas and Under Armour generally express interest in rookies wearing their brand. These deals can be in the form of merchandise, cash or both depending on your draft projection and position. We will prepare a marketing plan to be distributed to all brands getting the maximum exposure and contract on your behalf. These deals require a player to wear the companies’ shoes and apparel exclusively and generally range from $5,000 to $150,000 dollars annually.

PR/ Media: Leading up to the draft our team will focus on getting you noticed not only by NFL teams but the media as well. I prepare a professional bio on all our clients that are distributed to all NFL teams assuring that they are familiar with your talent leading up to the Combine and Pro-Day on your campus. In addition, I reach out to the media explaining why they should do a cover story on you!! This is facilitated on a Local, Regional and National scale starting with your hometown including potential print, radio and television opportunities.

Memorabilia and Appearances: These deals depend on the market and draft projection of each individual player. My focus is to make you money prior to signing your first contract. These opportunities often include personal appearances, autograph signings and memorabilia deals. Appearances can net a player generally $500 to $5,000 dollars and autograph signings can bring a player between $10 and $75 per item. The most successful event and revenue source annually tends to be the draft party in your hometown with family and friends!!

Trading Cards: Top rookies will be selected by trading cards companies and often receive lucrative trading card deals. These deals, which typically vary on player position and draft slot, can provide income while you are training prior to the draft. Deals generally vary and can land a high draft pick between $15,000 and $75,000 dollars.

Rookie Premiere: A select few of he NFL Draft elite will be invited to this event. This is an experience made possible by the marketing arm of the National Football League Players Association known as Players Inc. This is an event where the top rookies get the opportunity to network with some of the leading corporations in America and generally lead to higher end marketing deals and national campaigns.


When you’re with the best, you train with the best!! After signing with Calvin Robinson you prepare not only with his elite staff but also with top national trainers. I leave no stone unturned when it comes to my clients!! Outside of game film you only have two opportunities prior to privately held team workouts to impress scouts being the NFL Combine and your Pro Day. I align my clients with position specific training to capitalize on their unique abilities as they prepare for the National Football League. Besides individual position coaching you can expect NFL testing preparation including the 40-yard dash, 20-yard shuttle, cone drills, vertical jump, broad jump and bench press.
By utilizing our contacts nationally with personal trainers and nutritionists we are dedicated to assisting each athlete perform to their full potential. You only have one chance to get drafted, don’t cut yourself short!!! Call me today and let me explain how I can assist you in the transition from playing on Saturdays to Sundays. Call me 24 hours a day 7 days a week directly at (850) CALL-CAL.

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